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Drug treatment centers offer several different therapies and techniques grouped together in an addiction recovery program. These programs are designed to help people who have addictions to drugs and/or alcohol to overcome those addictions by addressing both the physical and mental sides of addiction. Drug treatment is a structured form of assistance that is carefully planned and sequenced to ensure the best possible outcomes for the recovering addicts who undergo it.

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Signs That Someone Needs Drug Treatment

The development of a substance abuse problem or alcohol or drug addiction inevitably causes the person experiencing it to change in various ways. These changes cause the person to show certain signs that would indicate that they will benefit from drug treatment.

Physical Signs

  •         Altered appearance (lack of hygiene, poor cleanliness of clothing, etc…)
  •         Extreme changes in weight
  •         Tolerance to drugs or alcohol

Health Signs

  •         Liver or kidney disease or issues
  •         Extreme changes in blood pressure
  •         Seizures or tremors

Mental Signs

  •         Depression
  •         Extreme mood swings
  •         Anxiety or restlessness

Social Signs

  •         Loss of interest in activities
  •         Issues at work or school
  •         Legal problems or financial difficulties

What Are Some Drug Treatment Options?

Drug treatment generally takes three forms. These are:

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is a form of drug treatment generally reserved for those with physical or mental health issues that could make drug treatment in a facility other than a hospital dangerous. If a person has heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, or any other health condition that could make the detox process dangerous and/or life-threatening, for example, they will likely go into inpatient treatment for this portion of their treatment until the medical danger has passed and they can continue in residential or outpatient treatment.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is a convenient drug treatment option in which the recovering addict remains treatment center a few times a week for a period of several months. This treatment plan is best for people with busy schedules and/or children whom they cannot be away from for several weeks as they undergo addiction treatment. However, the recovering addict needs to be vigilant in ensuring that they continue to attend all of their treatment sessions and that they do not give in to the temptations they will face to relapse and resume substance abuse.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is the most commonly recognized form of addiction treatment and is also sometimes known as drug rehab. In this treatment method, the recovering addict undergoes their complete treatment while staying in a drug treatment center full-time. This ensures that they are able to focus 100 percent of themselves on their recovery and treatment. It also removes the possibility of relapse during the treatment process.

What Drug Treatment Centers Offer

Drug treatment centers offer several different types of treatments and therapies to address the physical and mental addictions to drugs and alcohol that people have. Two of the core treatment offerings are:

Medical Detox

Medical detox is a way to wean a person off of the addicted substance and to deal with the inevitable withdrawal symptoms they will experience. Doctors oversee the process, providing prescription medications as appropriate to gradually reduce the effects of the addicted substance in the system and to avoid shocking the body. They can also intervene if medical issues arise or if a person requires treatment to prevent such issues (i.e. IV fluids to prevent dehydration from vomiting or diarrhea).


Therapy, both individual and group, is designed to help a recovering addict overcome their mental addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is done through in-depth explorations of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and past events that contributed to substance abuse and how all of those things can be dealt with in ways that do not include substance abuse.

The recovering addict will therefore learn to cope with those triggers as well as with temptations so that when they complete their treatment, they will be able to remain vigilant and resist any urges to resume substance abuse.

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