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Addiction aftercare is any treatment, therapy, coping strategy, resource, or other technique used to help a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol to continue to recover and heal from their addiction. Additionally, aftercare works to prevent relapse and to help ensure that a recovering addict stays sober even after their treatment is complete. In essence, aftercare is everything that happens after rehab or the initial treatment process.

Recovery aftercare can help patients stay sober in the long term. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Naperville at 630-596-4075 to find out how to receive help today.

The Purpose of Addiction Aftercare

Aftercare is designed to be a continuation of the treatment and recovery that was started during the initial addiction treatment process. It is also designed to give the recovering addict the skills and self-empowerment to take control of their recovery and their life to ensure that they are complicit and in charge of their own recovery.

When many recovering addicts leave rehab, they assume that there is no chance that they will ever relapse or resume substance abuse. They may be so sure of that fact that they ignore the suggestions that they continue treatment and recovery through aftercare. However, they vastly underestimate their chances of relapse. According to the NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse), between 40 and 60 percent (so right around half) of people who have drug addictions will relapse after treatment. Skipping out on aftercare all but ensures a person a spot in that statistic.

Addiction Aftercare Programs

Aftercare encompasses a myriad of different treatments and coping strategies for recovery and support. A few of these are:

Family Therapy

Family therapy serves as a means to help a recovering addict reconnect with and undo some of the damage to relationships with family members. This treatment method serves to heal emotional and mental wounds that both the recovering addict and their family members sustained while the addict was abusing drugs or alcohol. Additionally, it teaches those family members how to be the best possible support system for the recovering addict. They can even learn what triggers and signs to look out for so that they can intervene when they see their addicted family member slipping or heading down the path towards resuming substance abuse.

Support Groups

Support groups are a commonly used form of addiction aftercare, and can and should be used from the day a person leaves the rehab facility and throughout the rest of their lives. Support groups like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) serve to give the recovering addict another source of support and unbiased understanding. These meetings help to further the addict in creating ways to cope with temptation and triggers for addictive behaviors. They also give them a forum to share their stories, feelings, struggles, and successes with a group of people who can relate to their situation in a way that others likely cannot.

Mental Health Support

Mental health disorders commonly accompany drug or alcohol addictions. This situation, referred to as dual diagnosis, often means that additional psychotherapy and perhaps psychopharmacology assistance is necessary following initial treatment. Psychotherapy involves the use of counseling to help a person deal with the issues underlying their mental health disorder and eventually heal past (emotional) wounds. Psychopharmacology is the treatment of that mental health disorder with prescription medications.

Addiction aftercare can mean the difference between staying sober and relapse. Alcohol Treatment Centers Naperville understands this and is ready to help you in your addiction recovery and aftercare. All that remains to be done is for you to call them at 630-596-4075.

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